Residential & commercial interior design

Every project & client is different, and we adapt to their needs and expectations; projects can vary in size, budget, and style . Clients might need help when decorating a small room or an entire new home! New home owners especially need help when it comes to selecting their homes finishes, materials, and furnishings. We have also worked with entrepreneurs whom are opening a commercial establishment or styling their new apartments for rent.

House Finishes selections

New home owners or renovations often require a detail selection of new finishes , colors , and materials for their projects , these include hardware , flooring , lighting , paint colors , windows / doors styles , exterior stone and finishes , cabinets / kitchen design . Depending on what is needed we can help with 3d visuals, personalized mood boards, shopping lists , local store visits , etc .

Furniture, Art, & Decor selection

One of the most interesting and enjoyable part of our work involves curating those special furniture pieces and decor our client is looking for. This is the part where we can truly personalize every client vision and where we can deliver extraordinary and unique spaces. It is very important for us to define the style our client envisions and deliver our unique design touch. Depending on what is needed, we can help with 3d visuals, personalized mood boards, shopping lists, local store, visits , etc .